Anthony's Lucky Duck Long Island italian restaurant

About Our Italian Restaurant

If you’re in search of a family-friendly Italian restaurant, look no further than Anthony’s Lucky Duck. We take pleasure in offering delicious meals inspired by grandma’s kitchen in a fun, casual atmosphere. Bring your family and friends to enjoy our modern twist on traditional Italian food like meatball parmesan sliders, eggplant rollatini, flatbread pizzas and specialty desserts like Anthony’s Holy Cannoli Dip. With each and every meal made to order we can substitute gluten free or whole grain pasta so everyone can enjoy!

Our Story

Once upon a time in a place far, far away, a very special duck was born! This was not your average duck. Besides looking very different than all the other ducks, he had a very unique quality about him. This was definitely a lucky duck.

Every game he played, he always won. Everywhere he went, wonderful things would happen to him. In short, he was so lucky that everyone started calling him “The Lucky Duck.”

When “Lucky Duck” was old enough to venture out on his own, he traveled to Italy where he learned the fine art of gourmet cooking. His reputation as a great chef spread quickly throughout all of Europe. And, as luck would have it, he eventually was cooking for families of nobility, and at times even Kings and Queens. As a great chef, there was no one better. But “Lucky Duck” felt that there was something missing. Great food was simply not enough. Dining, he felt, should be a complete social experience that includes fun and fellowship.

So, in quest of these missing ingredients, “Lucky Duck” set out for Ireland, where the people and pubs are famous for their friendliness and informality. Well again, as luck would have it, “Lucky Duck” found exactly the ingredients he was looking for. This type of fun and friendliness combined with great Italian cooking was, in his opinion, exactly what the world needed.

So “Lucky Duck” took all his cooking skills, and newfound Irish friendliness and brought them to New York. Here in Garden City he decided to open his first Italian restaurant. To all present and future patrons of “Anthony’s Lucky Duck Restaurant,” “Lucky Duck” wishes you … Bon Appetit! L’Chaim! Slainte! Bouno Appetito!

Weekly Specials

Our weekly specials include southern Italian meals that draw their inspiration straight from grandma’s kitchen. Each and every week, you’ll find a new and exciting meals made only from the best ingredients available!


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